All About Expats dé specialist op het gebied van kennismigranten.

One-stop-shop dienstverlening voor werkgevers, intermediairs en voor kennismigranten.

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Service voor kennismigranten

Onze dienstverlening voor kennismigranten die werkzaam zijn in Nederland of die willen werken in Nederland.

Immigratie-traject voor kennismigranten die willen werken in Nederland


Service voor werkgevers

Onze dienstverlening voor werkgevers, intermediairs en kennismigranten.

Wil je meer weten over onze dienstverlening voor kennismigranten?

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Alles wat je dient te weten over werken in Nederland als kennismigrant.


Belangrijke documenten voor werkgevers, intermediairs en kennismigranten.


Zoek je als kennismigrant een baan in Nederland? Upload dan je CV en registreer jezelf.


Openstaande vacatures in Nederland voor kennismigranten.

Waarom is Nederland aantrekkelijk voor internationaal talent?

In ons kenniscentrum vind je alle informatie over werken in Nederland

We doen waar we goed in zijn

Steeds meer kennismigranten en werkgevers kiezen All About Expats als hun HR-partner voor kennismigranten. En wel om de volgende redenen:

Immigratie support
Payrolling services
Staffing solutions
Freelance solutions

Wat anderen over ons zeggen

“We had an immediate need to place an HSM in The Netherlands to support our operations, All About Expats handled our requirements quickly, professionally, and without fuss.”

Andy Mallion, Director Tucson Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom

“The experience with All About Expats has been really good. I worked with Patrick. He was incredibly responsive to the very time sensitive situation of getting my residency permit for work. More importantly though, since I was new to the Netherlands I had a lengthy list of questions at every step of the process. Patrick made sure to answer each of my questions diligently and with specific detail. I would highly recommend All About Expats. They provide excellent service and have a fantastic response time. Thanks again Patrick for all of your work, I sincerely appreciate it!”

Meagan Swenson (United States), Kennismigrant

“All About Expats is highly recommended. They were able to assist me with the renewal of my working visa and residence permit even when they were informed about it quite late. My visa and residence permit application went flawlessly and was approved immediately. They are very helpful, easy to reach out to for questions and very responsive as well.”

Joanna Ang (Phillipines), Kennismigrant

“This office is filled with some of the most high caliber people which care about employees needs and trust, buckles down to resolve all kinds of issues. What makes this company unique and special is the wonderful supportive people. I had a great experience with All About Expats!”

Kiyana Saatchi (Iran), Kennismigrant

“All About Expats is a great partner to work with. It is a professional and reliable club. We experience working with All About Expats as pleasant and time-saving. They take everything out of your hands and remain proactively involved with all candidates that we have with them under contract.”

Tim Van Der Horst, Global KPO, an intermediary in Highly Skilled Migrants